Safety Precautions


Thank you for purchasing our product. Before you may begin your experience, we recommend you read this manual, which includes all the information necessary, to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

* Please be advised as time progresses there will be updates in the manual without prior notice due to constant improvements for DRiVe-X*

*Reproduction of any parts or documents from this manual are strictly prohibited*

For Safe Use

In order to use this product safely, and to prevent an injury, we recommend you read the manual to understand the dangers that may arise while using DRiVe-X

*Danger*: Contents that may result in serious injury or death if mishandled

  • This product was designed for users over 100cm (3.2 Feet) tall and 120 kg (265lbs) or less. *Note* We are not responsible for any failures, injuries, or troubles caused by a non-standard user.
  • If your simulator has experienced any significant impact that could have possibly damaged the product, please call us before resuming use.
  • If there is any liquid spillage, please clean it up immediately as the electrical wiring below the simulator can become a dangerous hazard.
  • Do not touch the power supply or the main control unit during a Thunderstorm.
  • Do not place the simulator near a stove, heater, humidifier, or any location that is subject to receive a lot of heat.
  • Do not place the simulator in a location that is exposed to dirt and dust. Check to make sure the power strip is clear of any debris that can cause an electrical issue.
  • Do not use any power source other than 100v from a wall outlet.
  • Do not use the power strip if it is damaged.
  • Do not touch any power source while your hands are wet.

Caution: Contents that may result in minor injury or property damage

  • The simulator will move accordingly to the software you are using to drive. Do not exit the simulator while it is moving as you may get injured.
  • When adjusting the seat with the lever below, make sure there is no one or thing around that could possibly get damaged. Watch your fingers as well to prevent them from getting pinched.
  • When exiting the simulator only use the seat to lift yourself up as pulling on the steering wheel or anything on the simulator may get damaged
  • Please be cautious whenever you are cleaning an area you unable to see as your hand could get caught on a protruding object.
  • Turn off all power before cleaning or maintaining the simulator
  • If there is an incident that has caused the simulator or power supply to get hot, please refrain from using the simulator until it has dropped in temperature.
  • If you are planning on not using the simulator for a long period of time, please unplug all power sources to prevent any possible troubles while it is unsupervised
  • Please be careful not getting your feet caught by any of the cables


*Note* Depending on the situation, moments described as caution could become serious, ending in major consequences. It is important that you read this information for your safety.

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