Assetto Corsa Information

This section will inform you on the basics of Assetto Corsa

– To start click on the main menu
– Next click on the Steering wheel icon to start your session
– In this section you may have the option to choose from three categories Challenges
– Select the car you would like to use clicking on SELECT CARS
– Next select the track you would like to drive on via the SELECT TRACK section
– You may filter out the tracks by country if you prefer
– After the track has been selected, select the time of day and temperature to your liking
– Based on your driving skills, there are three preset assists that you may choose from
– Assists include auto shift, auto clutch and track guidelines
– ABS, Traction Control, and tire degradation are also included in assists
– There are three preset realism modes
– Gamer- For novice drivers looking to have fun
– Racer-Someone with decent skills looking to test their ability
– Pro- For drivers that want to experience realism to the fullest
– If none of the three meet your needs, then you may use the custom option and choose the assists you would like to have
– Once everything has been chosen, click the Start Engine Icon on the top right to being loading into the track
– After loading has been completed the vehicle will appear in the PIT BOX area. Here you can change the settings of the car to your liking.
– It is not necessary to change any settings if you do not want to.
– On the upper left-hand side there will be a steering wheel icon. Click that to start your race, practice session, etc

Watch a video about how to get started with Assetto Corsa

How to Exit Assetto Corsa

– To exit the session, press the ESC button on the keyboard to pause. Then you may choose to exit session
– To leave the game please click on exit on the main menu

Assetto Corsa Touch

Assetto Corsa Touch is an original product created for the DRiVe-X simulator
Watch a video on how to use Assetto Corsa Touch

Assetto Corsa

– Clicking on Assetto Corsa will open the application up the normal way using the main monitor. In addition, you can only control the main menu with the keyboard and mouse

Assetto Corsa Touch

– Clicking on the Assetto Corsa Touch icon will start the application on the tablet you have placed next to your computer. On the tablet a simplified menu screen will appear making it a more user-friendly experience for those who are not familiar with Assetto Corsa. The Tablet will be connected to the monitor on the bottom left hand therefore you may drag your mouse to the tablet. If you wish to quit the application touch on the top right-hand part of the screen, that will open the original menu option giving you the opportunity to exit out of the game.


Full Overview of Assetto Corsa

Types of Modes

There are three types of modes you may choose from the tablet screen
– Practice
– Hotlap
– Quick Race


– This mode will start you off from the pit


– This mode you will start two corners before the start line with everything up to temp such as tires, brakes, etc. This is the recommended mode as you do not have to take the time to warm up the tires and brakes as if you are in practice mode.

Quick Race

– To start a quick race please choose the strength of the opponents, total opponents, and Lap count. Once you have loaded into the race, the car will automatically be on the starting grid.

How to Select a Car

– Clicking on the Vehicle brand Logo will give you the option of all the cars you may drive.
– Once you have decided on the vehicle you would like to drive click Select

How to Select a Track

– Tracks will be divided by countries
– Once you have selected a country and a track tap on select

Game Details

Before you start your session there are 3 different presets of assists

– All Assists are at max to ensure your car will be as stable as possible to make it an easy enjoyable experience

– Some assists will be turned off such as automatic shifts. This preset will give you the opportunity to experience an enjoyable challenging drive

– All assists will be turned off unless the car you have chosen has a certain factory option, such as traction control, to remain as real as possible. Your skills will be challenged
– If you do not like any of the presets, you may customize the assists to your liking using the original Assetto Corsa application

Display Options and startup

– If you would like to use the monitor to drive, please make sure, on the tablet, it is on the SCREEN option
– If you would like to use the VR headset select the VR option
– Once everything is selected tap on the START icon and the main monitor, or VR headset, will begin to load the session. As the session is loading the touch screen will change showing the words START PIT RESTART.
– Tap on the start icon to begin your session. When you are finished tap on the EXIT icon on the bottom of the touch panel. The touch screen will then return to its original menu.

How to Exit from Assetto Corsa Touch

There are multiple ways to exit out of Assetto Corsa Touch

Option 1

– On the touch panel itself please tap on the top right-hand side of the touch panel. The screen will return to the original desktop main menu but in a very small font. Please keep in mind you may need to tap multiple times, on the top right-hand corner in order to get the touch screen to swap menus as it is designed to not be mistakenly touched when using the panel for normal use.
– On the menu, tap on the power icon located on the bottom left of the touch panel screen. A tab will appear asking if you would like to exit Assetto Corsa which then you can tap on the YES icon which will end the program.
– You will know the application has ended if the touch screen has returned to its original desktop look

Option 2

– On the main monitor, at the bottom of the screen there will be an Assetto Corsa Logo. With a mouse right click on the shortcut which will then give you the option to close the application.

How to return to Tablet Mode

– On the small chance you have mistakenly taken yourself to the main menu, without wanting to exit the application, on the tablet please follow the following instructions.
– On the left-hand side, of the tablet screen, will show different shortcuts. Tap on the second shortcut and it will bring you back to Assetto Corsa Touch mode. This shortcut will be below the first steering wheel icon and will be a red square blank.

Summary for Assetto Corsa and Tips

A: Display Options

– Go to the Gear Icon labeled Options and click on Rendering Mode.
– Choose your rendering option Single Screen, Open VR (If HP), or Oculus VR

B: Type of Session

– Choose your preferred session Practice, HotLap, or Race

C: Car, Track, and Assist

– Pick the car you would like to drive and the track you would like to drive it on
– Adjust the assists to your liking and Click on the start button, on the right, to start your session

D: Ending Session and Exiting Assetto Corsa

– To End the Session, on your keyboard, press the ESC key to pause the session which will allow you to end the session. (If you are using Assetto Corsa Touch, tap on EXIT to end the session.)
– Once you have returned to the main menu, on the bottom right of the screen there will be a power logo. Click on the logo to exit out of Assetto Corsa. (If you are using Assetto Corsa Touch tap on the top right-hand side of the tablet giving you the option to tap on the power logo on the bottom left to exit Assetto Corsa Touch)

Apps and Camera

– Once you are in a session, drag the pointer to the top right of the screen
– Here multiple different types of applications will reveal itself from the right-hand side of the monitor. Lap time, Gears, Course directions, etc…
– On the app you would like to use, multiple at once is possible as well, click on the icon and it will appear on the monitor.
– You may drag it to the place you would like to have and change the size of it as well
– Using the keys F1~F6 you can change the camera from a cockpit view to an outside view. Pressing on the same key more than once will let you get multiple options of the same view for example the cockpit, the steering wheel showing or not

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