Basic Use

Powering Up

– Once all adjustments necessary have been made you may begin to turn everything on
– Turn on the Power strip, PC, and Speaker
– The front actuators will automatically adjustment itself to its original position once turned on
– If the actuator does not move automatically, please follow these steps
– Go to the Folder named DATA
– Once inside click on Motionkit. Once the application is running the actuators will turn on

Getting into the simulator

– It is recommended that you use racing gloves and racing shoes while driving.
– When you are getting out of the simulator, we recommend you do not put your full weight onto the seat as the brackets and bolts keeping the seat stable may become loose.

Basic Overview

– Get into the simulator
– Adjust the steering wheel and pedals
– Turn on the DRiVe-X software (SimPro Manager, Motion Kit, and VR (Optional))
– Turn on the application you will be using to drive

Watch the video on how to board – how to exit

Turning off the Simulator

To turn off the Simulator these are the recommended steps to prevent and harm to the computer
– Exit out of the software you are using
– Go to the Windows tab and choose SHUTDOWN
– Allow all applications to close
– Once the Computer is fully complete off turn off the switch to the power strip

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