Before You Start

Make sure your seating, steering, and pedals are in the correct position to ensure you have best experience

To ensure your safety, please be sure to check all bolts and clamps you have loosened to adjust the steering position and pedals are tight.

Seating Position Adjustment

– To slide the seating position forward or backwards pull up on the lever below to unlock the seat from its current position. Photo Shown Below

Watch a video about seat sliders


Pedal Sliders

– As seen in the photo there are two clamps you must loosen both sides of the rail
– Once they are loosened you will have the option to slide it forward or backwards for your liking
– After you have chosen your position tighten the clamps back to its original state

Watch a video about the pedal sliders

Steering Wheelbase Adjustment

– With the tool provided (Hex Key/Alan Key) you can loosen the bolts on the photo shown below to change the angle of the steering wheel servo. There are 3 bolts on each side making it a total of 6 bolts necessary to loosen
– Tighten the bolts back to its original state

Watch a video about steering wheel base


Seat Angle Adjustment

– To change the angle, unscrew the bolts in the photo shown below
– Tighten bolts back to original state after the adjustment has been made

Watch a video about the seat angle


Pedals Angle Adjustment

– Loosen the same bolts as the photo shown below
– There will be one on each side of the pedal
– Tighten them back to its original state once the adjustment has been completed

Watch the video about pedal plate change

Pedal Force Adjustment

– Clutch Adjustment
– There are three colored springs (Green, Purple, and Black)
– Each spring will have a different preload for a different clutch feel
– Brake Adjustment
– There are four colored springs (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow)
– You will have the option to combine springs together to get the feel you prefer


Throttle Adjustment

– Behind the Throttle Pedal will be a small dial numbered 1-6. Twist the dial until you can find the throttle feel that is fit yourself

Watch a video about the throttle pedal


Rod Adjustment

– To adjust the rod, pull the pin on the side keeping the rod in place
– Change the height of the rod to your liking then once again place the pin back in its original position

Watch a video about the Rod

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