DRiVe-X Software Information

This section will inform you on how to start up all applications related to the simulator, which include the MotionKit, VR application (Mixed Reality), racing software, and pedals and shifter (SimPro Manager)

Information on the Motionkit Software

– This software is solely for the front two actuators on the DRiVe-X simulator
– This program can give you the feeling of elevation changes and gravitational acceleration (Horizontal and lateral motions)
– The initial settings are the recommended settings for optimal experience
– When starting up any of the games we have stated are compatible with this software (Assetto Corsa, iRacing and Etc) no setup will be necessary as it has already been programmed from the start
– We have it programmed to have the application start up automatically when the computer has been turned on.
– If you would like to adjust the roll and pitch of the actuators, we recommend you do not go over 80% as it can cause the simulator to move due the actuator’s violent movement

Turning on MotionKit

– If the actuator does not move automatically, please open the DATA folder and open the Motionkit software
– If it does not move when the application is open, please restart the computer and repeat the same steps

How to setup the Motionkit software for certain games

– For F1®︎2020, F1®︎2021, and KartKraft the front actuators will not respond on the initial launch of the game. In order to get the actuators to respond please turn off the game and relaunch it for a second time which will then have the actuators responding properly
– For all three Project Cars, once you have loaded into the game follow these steps
– Go to Options>Visuals>Hardware>Use Shared Memory
– Click yes

Watch a video about how to use Motionkit

SimPro Manager

SimPro Manager information

– To start the application, click on the helmet icon shortcut
– Once the application is turned on you may change the settings to your pedal and steering wheel to your liking by going to the section labeled DEVICES
– Here you can set up the steering wheel feeling to your liking by adjusting the rotation, force feedback, button assignments, and many more
– We recommend you have the rotation at 900 degrees as most games will automatically calibrate the rotation to the car you will be driving

Pedal Calibration/ Customization

– You may also control the calibration of the pedals
– Click on the pedal icon after you have chosen devices on the left-hand side of the screen
– After clicking the icon on the top of the screen will have the words PEDAL CALIBRATION
– Once you have finished calibrating your pedal and customized its settings revert to the previous page to make sure all pedals are working correctly

How to connect a new Steering Wheel

– In order to connect a new steering wheel to the servo you must first have the USB to Mini USB wire ready
– Once that is ready connect the USB to the bottom right-hand side of the wheel servo
– Connect the Mini USB side to the back of the steering wheel
– On the bottom of the screen, you will see a steering wheel icon
– once you see a light underneath the steering wheel icon you will know the wheel has been connected

Watch a video about how to use SimPro manager

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