iRacing Information

– iRacing is an online service that requires you to subscribe to a monthly plan.
– It is a racing simulator service and is the ultimate online racing destination
– You will have to purchase your own cars and tracks if the default cars and tracks are not enough for yourself.
– We recommend this for drivers that want to take or challenge their skills to the next level
Internet Connection is always required

Watch a video about how to get started with iRacing

How to start up iRacing

– Open the file named GAME
– Inside the file click on the shortcut named iRacing UI
– After logging in make sure all necessary updates are up to date or else you will not be able to login


Starting a test session

– Click on the word TEST on the top right hand of the main menu
– This will open a tab that will give you the opportunity to choose your vehicle, track, and weather settings.
– Once that is chosen, continue to the next step which will ask you to choose your display option. If you would like to use vr please select vr, if not you do not the game will automatically load using the monitor
– After you have loaded into the session, located on the top middle of the screen, the word TEST will be shown. Clicking on this word will start the session from the pit lane


Calibration, Controls, and Driving Aids

– Before you start your session, please make sure your wheel, pedals, and shifter has been calibrated.
– Go to options, after you have loaded into your session, and on the top right of the menu will have the input calibration section.
– Click on each section and follow the instructions that will be shown on the screen
– Below the calibration section will show all the driving aids available. You may turn on or off the aids depending on your driving skills.
– If you would like to program the buttons on the steering wheel to do certain functions, go to the tab named Control. Here you may program the buttons.
– To make recentering the VR screen easy we recommend you program RECENTER HMD into one of the buttons on the wheel, so you do not have to take off your headset to find your keyboard.


Exiting iRacing

– Once you have decided to quit the session you must come to a complete stop before you are able to exit back to the main menu.
– To leave iRacing close the tab by clicking on the X on the top right hand of the screen

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