VR Headset Information

The Headset we will provide you with will be a model from HP


– In the past there have been customers that have experienced motion sickness wearing the headset. We advise you to please read the next section so there is minimal chance of this happening to yourself
– Before you start make sure the VR headset is on your head firmly and make sure the center of the VR screen is in line with your eyes
– Once you have loaded into your session take time to get used to the VR motion before driving. Look around and get an understanding and feel for the VR
– Drive slowly first until you feel comfortable driving with the VR headset.
– It is important to make sure everything is aligned once your headset is on to give yourself the best possible VR experience

How to Start up the VR

– Once you are seated in your DRiVe-X Simulator turn on the Steam and Steam VR application
– Please make sure your Mixed Reality Application is also running
– In Mixed Reality please make sure you have calibrated your headset by following the instructions on the screen.
– Use the normal steam application to choose what you would like to play.
– For iRacing please make sure Mixed Reality is running. Steam VR will not be necessary
Watch a video about how to wear VR


– If you would like to see the desktop on the main monitor as opposed to the VR press the Windows and Y key at the same time. This will give you the option to control Sim Pro Manager while your session is still running inside the VR headset.
– If the VR headset goes to sleep, please restart the Mixed Reality application and Steam VR

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